Suggestion TeK: Are you going to start running? These (cheap) gadgets are essential! – Suggestions

Suggestion TeK: Are you going to start running? These (cheap) gadgets are essential! - Suggestions

The race is already more than a simple fashion and it is good to realize that there are more and more practitioners, regardless of the time of year and the meteorological conditions that occur whenever the time comes to cover a few more kilometers.

Naturally, technology is a universe that follows this trend, and at various levels. Some examples are how more and more (and better) programs and training management apps emerge, the advanced systems that each brand of running shoes implements in the creation of new models and also the amount of gadgets that already exist in view the sportsman.

From sports watches to fitness bracelets to headphones and lighting systems, the technological equipment dedicated to the particular racing segment is already in the hundreds for all tastes and wallets.

However, precisely because the most expensive options are always the most desired, in this article we aim to leave some suggestions at the level of what is cheaper in this segment of gadgets, since, normally, a beginner chooses to start the practice of the modality without an investment considerable initial effort.

Only then will you feel the need to apply a few more euros in search of equipment that will allow you to go further in recording the training and obtaining some quality during the race sessions. In this sense, the gallery above includes four very simple and basic suggestions, options that can make the first races have an extra interest.

In particular, basic training monitoring, not forgetting heart rate tracking and also one of the most important aspects during light jogging sessions, is listening to music during training. A fantastic way to see the kilometers pass "faster."

Finally, we remember that there is a "piece" of technology that should always accompany you in each session of the race: the smartphone. Go alone or with a car, using or not using the handset to count the kilometers "in", remember that this device can be decisive in case of emergency, when something goes less well. Always carry your smartphone with you, and with the battery charged.

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