Super Bock in Stock: Johnny Marr and the light that never goes out – Showbiz

Super Bock in Stock: Johnny Marr and the light that never goes out - Showbiz

Being a festival with more than a dozen rooms and several concerts taking place simultaneously, along Avenida da Liberdade, it is sometimes a Herculean task to make some choices. But within (im) possibilities, two concerts were imperative on the first day of Super Bock in Stock 2018: Johnny Marr and Natalie Press. Despite the overlap between one and another, it was possible to do a small marathon and thus watch two very special moments.

The afternoon began with a visit to the Portuguese band Conjunto! Évite, who tried to fill and dance the Sala Santa Casa. Despite having a few years of existence, the Portuguese quintet is still going unnoticed, but last Friday proved that it has a lot to do with his devilish rock and a bustling energy.

Also completely exhausted and with a considerable waiting line was the Fire-Fire concert. The Cape Verdean rhythms contaged the presents and the smiles and dancing feet were a constant.

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There was time to spend in the always beautiful Birds Are Indie, whose voices always refer us to many imaginary ones. The evening continued in Portuguese with Manuel Fúria and the Castaways who promoted an authentic celebration with a series of guests, including Tomás Wallenstein to the violin or Miguel Ângelo in the voice.

Before the great stars of the night, there was still time to stalk the Prana, which immediately caused an impact from the emotion and energy they devote to their songs.

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However, at 10:45 it was imperative to be at the Colosseum. Perhaps many, especially the younger generation, have seen the name Johnny Marr and have not even made any association at all, but for others it was soon a red flag of attention.

Does talking about The Smiths or the movie "(500) Days with Summer" make any lights? No, Johnny Marr was not the vocalist, but the guitarist, but it is not unknown who founded a band that has scored so many generations and is still contributing so much of its magic. It was incredible to confirm not only the various generations present at the Colosseum but also the youthful enthusiasm of the elders, as if it were suddenly possible to go back in time. And the truth is that the Briton did not disappoint and still delighted the fanciest fans with the proper classics.

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The night ended at Cinema São Jorge with Natalie Prass. Of charming air and voice of girl, what is certain is that the North American has shown itself to be an authentic lady on stage, capable of enchanting and hypnotizing the audience. The beginning was a bit lukewarm, but perhaps with the ease that was gained, sharing with the audience their tours in Lisbon, confessing that they did not want to leave, made the concert end with standing applause and warm heart.

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