Supermarkets without timetable restrictions and Costa asks that there are no “runs”

Supermarkets without timetable restrictions and Costa asks that there are no “runs”

Grocery stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets will remain open during the new mandatory withdrawal and will not be restricted, said the prime minister today, stressing that there is "no reason" for races to these establishments.

“There is no reason for people to run to supermarkets or hypermarkets because everything will remain in operation,” said António Costa, recalling that, as in March and April last year, it was possible to ensure “that nothing essential would be lacking in shelves, so it will continue to happen ”, and this time, these establishments will operate without time restrictions.

The operation of grocery stores and supermarkets will have a maximum capacity limited to five people per 100 square meters simultaneously.

António Costa was speaking at a press conference, after the Council of Ministers approved the general confinement measures under the new state of emergency.

Also, pharmacies, bakeries and other retail trade activities or the provision of essential services or other services considered essential will remain open to the public.

The measures approved today determine, on the other hand, the suspension of retail trade activities and the provision of services in establishments open to the public, “as well as the closure of a wide range of facilities and establishments, including cultural and leisure activities, sports activities (except the practice of individual outdoor sports and training and competitive activities) and spas ”, as detailed in the communiqué of the Council of Ministers.

As expected, restaurants will once again have to close their doors to the public and will only operate on a 'take-away' or home delivery basis.

In this general confinement the operation of fairs and markets is allowed, in the case of sale of food products.

During the press conference at which he presented the new measures and justified the Government's decision, the Prime Minister stressed that the country is “safely experiencing a moment” that is both “the most dangerous”, but also the one of greatest hope, stressing that what makes this moment "difficult" is the fact that "the same hope" that the vaccine gives in overcoming the pandemic, is also the one that fosters greater relaxation in the rules that allow it to be contained.

“There is no fatigue that allows us to take on this collective pain of having more than a hundred deaths a day. It is not acceptable and we have to stop this ”, he also said, asking people not to be distracted by the exceptions of compulsory retirement and to stick to the rule that is:“ stay at home ”.


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