Support programs of the Regional Directorate for Culture of the Algarve await applications

Support programs of the Regional Directorate for Culture of the Algarve await applications

The application deadline for the support programs of the Regional Directorate for Culture of the Algarve (DRCAlg), the DiVaM – Dynamization and Valorization of Monuments – and the Support Program for Cultural Action is in progress.

Cultural agents in the Algarve can submit their applications to the DiVaM until the 28th of February. The theme chosen for the 2021 edition is «Heritage, Community and Inclusion», calling for the inclusion of communities in the process of building new cultural projects, in order to promote a true and honest dialogue between these and the monuments of the region.

DiVaM reinforces the purpose initiated in previous years, continuing to promote the basic principles of the «Faro Convention» with the active participation of the surrounding communities in the process of deconstruction and heritage construction, placing people and human values ​​at the heart of the matter.

The initiatives will take place in the Fortress of Sagres, Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Roman Ruins of Milreu.

Applications to the Cultural Action Support Program are open until March 8 and cultural agents from the region can submit their projects, with priority eligibility criteria combating social exclusion and desertification in the interior of the Algarve; strengthening the role of the arts and culture in raising awareness of issues such as respect for human rights, equality and non-discrimination, the integration of Roma communities, the promotion of youth participation, the challenges posed by migration and socio-territorial integration; education for culture and the arts; the enhancement of the intangible heritage of the Algarve and the preservation of traditions, memories and identity, including the revitalization of historic centers and centers; cultural innovation, multidisciplinary and multicultural projects.

In addition to these, which are carried over from the last edition, this year the program introduces as a new theme to be addressed, that of domestic violence, as this is one of the great social dramas we face today, in which art can play an important role called attention and awareness, which is the intention of DRCAlg to stimulate.

Cultural agents can also focus their projects on the creation or presentation component on digital platforms, if the conditions imposed by the pandemic situation continue over time, continuing to hamper face-to-face presentations and contact with the public.


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