Surface Hub 2S has 50-inch screen and is available from June – Computers

Surface Hub 2S has 50-inch screen and is available from June - Computers

Nearly a year after announcing the creation of the Surface Hub 2, a device designed for business purposes that allows teams with workers around the world to collaborate in real time, Microsoft has finally come up with some new features related to this product line.

The 2X Surface Hub, a high-quality model with rotating screen, will only be launched in 2020. However, the 2S model will be available as early as June. This version will have a thinner screen than the first Surface Hub, with 50 inches and resolution of 3840 by 2560 pixels.

Microsoft claims that the Surface Hub 2S will have "the precision of a tablet", despite the size of the screen, and highlights the delicacy of the stand, which allows you to easily carry the device from one room to another.

The PC also has a 4K camera and an integrated microphone that allows users to interact over a long distance, so that during a video conference they can stay in place without having to be around the screen. During the presentation of the Surface Hub 2S, which took place in New York, Microsoft successfully demonstrated a video conference with four people.

The base price of this model will be around $ 9,000, and can reach close to $ 12,000 if you include all the extras. Another 85-inch version is planned, of which the price is not yet known. Microsoft also informs that it will be possible in 2020 to turn 2D devices into 2X by upgrading the processor cartridge.

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