Survey of civil servants shows that PS considers himself "state owner", accuses CDS-PP – Jornal Económico

CDS-PP MP Pedro Mota Soares today accused the PS of “thinking he owns the state” and of using state means, including the inquiry into motivational issues directed at civil servants, to campaign.

“Looking at the content of some questions, I think the Socialist Party still thinks it owns the state. And it is not, the civil service is the function of all Portuguese, it is not a single political party, ”said the deputy to journalists, at a press conference in the Assembly of the Republic.

Asked about the inquiry, which was temporarily suspended today, the centrist pointed out that the electoral campaign for the legislature of October 6 is approaching and stressed that "it cannot be worth everything, it cannot be worth using state means to campaign."

“And for that very reason I may suggest a question to the Prime Minister. Who put those questions in, who authorized those questions to be asked, and what will the Prime Minister do to take responsibility for those who allowed those questions to be asked? ”Said Mota Soares.

The Government announced today the "temporary suspension" of the survey on motivational issues addressed to civil servants, considering that "the high visibility" of the issue in the pre-election period may "compromise the reliability of results".

“Considering that the high visibility of the issue in the pre-election period may compromise the reliability of the results, making the whole survey unfeasible and comparable with the results obtained in 2015, the Government determined the temporary suspension of the inquiry and that the completion of the questionnaires and the subsequent phases are resumed after the legislative elections scheduled for October 6, ”reads a statement issued by the finance minister's office.

In the note, Mário Centeno's ministry states that “the Government took note this week of the launch of the second edition of a survey on motivational issues promoted by the Directorate General for Administration and Public Employment (DGAEP)”, a questionnaire “addressed to all workers in public functions ”and that“ addresses a set of issues related to work motivation, namely arising from government action ”.

At stake is the second edition of a survey that was first launched in 2015, but this time it questions civil servants whether “the 'troika period' has negatively influenced 'their motivation at work and whether the' replacement of wages positively affected ”this motivation.

Among the new questions is one that seeks to know if “progressive unfreezing of careers is motivating” and another about whether the worker feels “today more motivated at work than five years ago”.

Regarding the reasons for including this type of issue in this second edition and the reasons why a five-year time horizon has been chosen for civil servants to compare with their current motivation, an official source from DGAEP told Lusa that this was the case. considered an “appropriate time lapse”.

“As a follow-up to the 2015 questionnaire, the five-year period was adopted as a reference because it is considered to be an appropriate period for workers to comment, bearing in mind the facts of that time period, but with the necessary distance to respond more objectively, ”said that source.

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