Suspects of fraud in Belgian soccer take 22 people to court

Suspects of fraud in Belgian soccer take 22 people to court

A total of 28 people were questioned by the police, 22 of whom are due to appear in court by Friday in a sweeping anti-fraud operation in Belgian football, prosecutors said.

The trial judge also issued international warrants for the arrest of two suspected persons, who were interrogated in other countries, prosecutors said, a press conference held in Brussels.

Among the people detained for questioning are a referee and several leaders of Belgian clubs, following an investigation that included six more countries: France, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia.

The operation, which is triggered by suspicion of money laundering, corruption and sports fraud, involves people linked to nine Belgian clubs, namely Anderlecht, Club Brugge, Genk, Kortrijk, Malines, Ostend, Lokeren, Gent and Standard Liège.

The investigation was based on a report from the Federal Police's Sports Fraud Unit in 2017 that revealed signs of suspicious transactions in the main Belgian football competition.

The scandal was publicly revealed on Wednesday when the Belgian prosecutor's office announced that police carried out about 60 searches on suspicion of fraud involving player transfer and manipulation of results in the Belgian soccer league.

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