Talking out loud can leave coronavirus in the air for 14 minutes – MIT

Talking out loud can leave coronavirus in the air for 14 minutes - MIT

A new study presented by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the United States, reveals that particles of saliva from people who speak loudly can remain in the air for an interval of eight to 14 minutes.

The research, released today, according to a publication in the 'Viva Bem' of the UOL portal to which our newspaper had access, can assist in studies on ways of transmission of the new coronavirus, and it should be noted that during the development of the study, researchers they asked the volunteers to repeat phrases and used beams of light that allowed them to see the perchers in the air. The research can be checked in full, in English, through this link.

According to the researchers, in a single minute of speaking aloud, up to 1,000 perigotes containing the virus can be expelled. Through the observations made in the research, the scientists analyzed that the droplets remained in the environment for more than eight minutes, reaching up to 14 minutes. However, the research makes it clear that the study was carried out in a controlled environment, without interference from drafts or changes in ambient temperature, without being able to determine what proliferation would be like on public roads, for example.

Scientists warn that despite restrictions in the controlled environment, it is possible that covid-19 contamination occurs through speech – and that even some patients can spread more viruses than others.
The study also reinforces that the research only endorses the need to use protective masks to try to stop the transmission of the disease.


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