TAP plans to resume flights to Brazil on May 18, but to London and Paris only if there are customers

TAP plans to resume flights to Brazil on May 18, but to London and Paris only if there are customers

Brazil will be the first long-haul destination that TAP plans to resume on May 18.
This week, flights to London and Paris will resume, but they should only take place if there is demand.

TAP plans to resume flights to Brazil on May 18, the date from which three weekly flights are scheduled – two to S. Paulo and one to Rio de Janeiro, remaining until the end of the same month. Maceió is another of the destinations that TAP included in its flight plan to Brazil as early as 2020. In fact, a destination that started this year but which, due to the advance of the pandemic, has also been suspended, may now be one of the first to be resumed .

For the United States the company intends to resume flights, but has not yet announced a date. According to the calendar made available on the website of the Portuguese airline, this phase of return of the offer is not even being considered as destinations in Africa. There are many routes where there are still legal restrictions or the imposition of quarantine on those arriving from outside, it can be read in an article on this matter published in the Observer signed by journalist Ana Suspiro.

The referred article states that the return of the commercial operation should begin in Europe, more precisely with flights to Paris and London, as already announced by the non-executive president of TAP, Miguel Frasquilho in the Parliament and starting this week, May 5 , with two weekly flights to the capitals of the United Kingdom and France. But the realization of these first flights after the emergency period will depend on demand, says the journalist in her piece.

Limitation on the number of passengers per flight

We continue to quote the news published in the Observer, which informs us that according to an order published this weekend, the number of passengers on commercial aircraft is limited to two thirds of the total capacity of the device. During the peak of the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, TAP operated only seven flights a week, all to the islands of the Azores and Madeira.

It should also be noted that all international departures scheduled for May originate in Lisbon, which is why the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, protested vehemently, since the plan to resume flights did not contemplate the city of Port. An official TAP source added in this regard that he only works with various scenarios and projections about the future operation, but there is still no concrete decision.

For its part, the PCP has already questioned the Government about this option.
According to the calendar posted on the website, TAP will only resume flights from Lisbon to Porto on May 18 with three weekly trips. There is also a reinforcement of the current offer to Azores and Madeira, starting on May 18th, with three flights a week to Funchal and two to Ponta Delgada and Terceira island, according to the Observer's news.


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