Tavira City Council sets IMI and IRS rates to apply in 2021

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The municipality of Tavira decided, at the last session of the municipal assembly held on December 18, to set the IMI rate for next year.

A rustic rate of 0.8% will be applied to rustic buildings, with 0.35% for urban evaluated according to CIMI, "a decrease that has been continuous and gradual since 2015", emphasizes the municipality.

In addition, the municipality continues to adopt the family IMI cumulatively, with the rates provided according to the number of dependents that make up the household, ie:

– € 20 for households with a dependent

– € 40 for households with two dependents and

– € 70 for households with three or more dependents.

It was also decided to reduce the rate of 20% to be applied to buildings leased for permanent housing, by submitting their own application, until December 29, and the following elements:

– Applicant's identification documents;

– Document (s) proving the applicant's legitimacy;

– Copy of the proof of communication of the lease agreement (model 2 – stamp duty), provided on the Finance Portal;

– Copy of the last income receipt, provided on the Finance Portal, or copy of the last income receipt issued for the year of the intended tax benefit.

The form, available here, must be delivered to the Balcão Único (Section of Fees and Licenses – Paços do Concelho), or sent to the email [email protected]

On the other hand and due to urban planning issues in the municipality, the Municipality maintains the increase (30%) for degraded urban buildings in the historic center, as a way to promote the recovery of private properties, since the investment has been significant in the recovery of heritage in this area.

A 3.5% variable participation rate in the IRS was also approved, following a proposal from the City Council, a reduction of 1.5% compared to last year.


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