Tavira honors Federico Fellini

Tavira honors Federico Fellini

The Musical Band of Tavira joined the Tavira Cineclub and Partilha Alternativa to honor the famous Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini, in the year of the 100th anniversary of his birth, in action scheduled for Saturday, 8.

This initiative, which has the financial and logistical support of the Tavira City Council, is part of the Tavira 2020 Outdoor Film Festival program.

The tribute will take place next Saturday, 8, preceding the screening of the film «La Dolce Vita» and will consist of the interpretation, by the Musical Band of Tavira, of the central theme of the film «Amarcord», by the composer Nino Rota.

"Music is an essential element in Fellini's work, perfectly translating the" Fellinian "images in his arrangements", says the organization.

The sound evokes the film, which cannot be shown at this time in Portugal, due to a dispute over copyright.

During the eight minutes in which the theme will be heard, the space of the Cloisters of Convento do Carmo, where the shows take place, “will be rendered only to the sounds of the music itself, producing a flow of sensations and bringing back the living memories of the universe of Fellini ”.

The projection of the film will follow, which constitutes a portrait of the post-war hedonistic and superficial Roman society, through the journalist Marcelo and his romantic relationships.


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