Taxes charge debts on the freeway. Who does not pay gets the car seized – The Economic Journal

The Tax Authority (TA), in collaboration with the GNR, is this morning intercepting drivers in Alfena, Valongo, as part of an action aimed at collecting debts to Finance.

According to a TA source on the spot, the initiative, called "Wheels Action", involves "intercepting drivers with debt to finance, inviting them to pay and giving them the opportunity to pay."

"If they can not afford to pay at the moment, we are able to pawn the vehicles," he said.

The control of the debtors is being done through a computer system, which is set up in tables in tents placed in the roundabout of Freeway 42 (A42), exit of Alfena, district of Porto.

The computer system crosses data through vehicle registrations and compares them with the existence of tax debts, he explained.

The operation started at 08:00 and is expected to continue until about 13:00.

On the site are "about 20 elements" of the TA and about 10 of the GNR.

The balance of this regional operation will only be known later, the source said.

Lusa witnessed at the scene the stop of more than a dozen vehicles.

Elements of the GNR stop the vehicles, consult the agents of the AT that are to the computers and, through the existence of debts, ask the drivers to liquidate them.

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