Taxpayers and taxpayers to pay VAT by direct debit – The Economic Journal

Helena Borges was heard today in the Committee on Budget and Finance following the discussion in the special section of the Government's bill amending various tax codes, introducing adjustments in rules on taxpayer declaratory obligations, seeking to simplify procedures and strengthen the fight against tax evasion and fraud.

One of the amendments envisaged is the extension of the deadline for payment of VAT in five days, compared to the dates now in force, applying this amendment both to companies that are in the monthly scheme and in the quarterly scheme of this tax.

Questioned by PSD member Cristóvão Crespo about the purpose of this change, Helena Borges responded that it was "a technical option" and a way to "allow economic agents the option of direct debit."

Since March 2018, it has been possible for taxpayers to join direct tax payment, and this functionality is available for IRC, IRS, IMI IUC, IRS payment and installment payments.

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