Teachers' Career Thawing Lead Avoids "Budgetary Crisis" – The Economic Journal

The prime minister considers that a possible lead to the full thawing of teachers' career time will be positive for the state accounts. The measure will be voted on in Parliament tomorrow, Friday, May 10.

"If everybody votes tomorrow as they announced they would vote, the country fortunately will have avoided a budget crisis that would seriously jeopardize its international credibility," António Costa said Thursday.

The prime minister pointed out that the gesture of the Portuguese Government, in threatening to resign, "was very important to avoid this crisis," and served to "enhance Portugal's international credibility."

Prime Minister António Costa is in the city of Sibiu, Romania, to discuss the future of Europe, which includes appointing new heads of EU officials, such as the President of the European Council, the EU High Representative and the President of the European Commission – roles played by Donald Tusk, Federica Mogherini and Jean-Claude Juncker.

Speaking to reporters in Romania, António Costa revealed that the day will be occupied "to discuss the proposed agenda of the strategy for Europe" and that for this he would present a set of contributions, namely in the area of ​​citizenship and democracy, with special emphasis on the defense of gender equality, and in the European regions and local power that "are a great force underappreciated".

The prime minister also assured that it is important to discuss migration policy, "it is necessary to create legal channels of immigration" because this is "the effective way to destroy the networks of traffickers." Regarding the economic and social area, António Costa says that it is necessary to reaffirm the European monetary economic zone, giving "priority to convergence and strengthening cohesion".

"We understand that it is essential to develop the pillar of social rights with the affirmation of decent work, with policies of lifelong training work," Costa said. The prime minister explained that "great support for SMEs" should be given, as these are "the true backbone of the European economic fabric", and this approach does not appear in President Tusk's proposals.

When asked if he could hold office for Europe, the Portuguese head of government said that he was not a "candidate for anything" except for the functions he currently performs as prime minister and secretary general of the PS.

Costa remembered that he presented "an agenda for the decade" and that abandoning Portugal is not part of his plans, noting that European polls "indicate a rise in the Socialist Party over the last few months."

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