Teachers demand to work 35 hours a week and call strike for October 14 – Jornal Económico

The teachers delivered this Monday, October 7, a strike notice to the Ministry of Education, called for October 14. In a statement, Fenprof admits that this strike comes “in the face of the Ministry of Education's ineffectiveness and the maintenance of abuses and illegalities on time”.

Fenprof, led by Mário Nogueira, accuses the ministry of never having presented official guidelines that would eliminate “the majority of the abuses and illegalities practiced by schools”, eventually tolerating and becoming “complicit in the most diverse abuses of the working hours of the schools. teachers ”. Teachers then again classify it as "unacceptable that the same government that eliminates years of work for teachers imposes, each year, schedules that aggravate it by 30%."

Thus, the strike notice is intended to “effectively set the weekly hours of teachers to 35 hours”, according to the “regime applicable to the generality of public administration workers and the Teaching Career Statute”.

Fenprof accuses Ministry of Education officials of passing on the idea that the strike last year had no impact, which they classify as false, as the strike “led their directions to correct illegality and end abuses. ”, As they were felt by the cancellation of meetings and absence of teachers.

"The strike convened through this notice focuses on students' mid-term review meetings if school activities are not interrupted," Fenprof said in an official press release. The strike scheduled for October 14 will also focus on “all meetings and other activities not planned, exceeding the limit of 35 working hours per week”.

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