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Teachers' fight follows "in the courts" and in strike to the evaluations, promises Mário Nogueira - The Economic Newspaper

Teachers are going to strike at the evaluations and a national demonstration on the eve of the parliamentary elections if the recovery of years of service provided in what they consider the "theft decree" is not changed in Parliament.

During the afternoon of today, thousands of teachers from all over the country demonstrated on the streets of Lisbon against the Government decree that returned two years, nine months and 18 days of frozen service, because they understood that the diploma "erased" the remaining six and a half years of service they worked.

According to Fenprof's secretary general, Mário Nogueira, the government approved a "robbery decree", a decree that would eventually be promulgated by the President of the Republic and published last week in Diário da República.

But the hope of the teachers has not faded and now the attention has turned to the Assembly of the Republic, since the deputies of the Left Block, PCP and PSD have already announced that on April 16 will advance with requests for parliamentary appreciation of the decree -law.

"We will call a strike at the year-end evaluations, starting June 6, if, until then, the Government's decree-law is not changed in the Assembly of the Republic, accounting for nine years, four months and two days. the teachers worked, "announced Mário Nogueira, before the thousands of teachers who today filled the Commerce Square.

In addition, teachers also undertook to hold a National Manifestation on October 5, which is World Teacher's Day, but also on the eve of legislative elections.

"While we are being robbed of service time, we will continue to come here to demand it," added Fátima Ferreira, president of the Association of Licensed Teachers (ASPL), one of the ten trade union organizations that are part of the platform created more than a year to negotiate the recovery of length of service.

"They were deceived all those who thought that we did not return to fill the Terreiro do Paço. We have the Terreiro do Paço full. We are here because we do not give up. We are here because we are right. We are here because we do not give up, "said João Dias da Silva, secretary general of the National Federation of Education (FNE).

Although questioned by journalists, the PSP members present in the protest declined to advance with an estimate of the number of participants present today in the demonstration that, according to some trade unionists, would be around 80 thousand.

Lusa found on the spot that there were many thousands who this afternoon descended Avenida da Liberdade and occupied the Praça do Comércio holding flags of the ten trade union structures that organized the protest.

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