Tejo elected "The Best" in Wine and Gastronomy. There was excellence and lots of gold – Actuality

It was in the city of Tomar that on May 18 we met, during the Gala Tejo, the winners of the "X Vinhos do Tejo" Contest, as well as the winners in the "Tejo Gourmet – Tasting and Wine Contest of the Tagus ". The Tejo Regional Wine Commission (CVR Tejo) also distinguished the professionals and companies that stood out in the last year. Let's do it by steps.

"Excellence" for two wines from Quinta da Alorna and Companhia das Lezírias

The "X Tagus Wine Competition" was, according to the organization, "the most popular ever, with 183 wines in competition, and was disputed with tenacity." In addition to the two "Medals of Excellence", two "Great Gold", twenty-nine "Gold" and twenty-four "Silver" were awarded. The CVR Tejo also wanted to reward the white and rosés of the most recent harvest, that of 2018, with six winners, three in each category.

The two "Medals of Excellence" went to the Quinta da Alorna Alvarinho and Viognier Reserve white 2017, Quinta da Alorna, and the Tyto Alba Touriga Nacional red 2015, of the Company of Lezírias. There were also the delivery of two "Big Gold Medals"; both to red wines. The winners were the Clavis Aurea Reserve 2017, Quinta Casal Monteiro, and the Bridle Reserve 2016, from Adega do Cartaxo.

"Tejo Gourmet" distinguished, for the ninth year, the marriage between food and Wines of the Tagus

With regard to the ninth edition of the "Tejo Gourmet", a challenge that commends the harmonization of Vinhos do Tejo with traditional, author and international gastronomy, it has 58 registered restaurants.

The "Best Restaurant" credit of the competition went to the Wish, in Port. Two kitchens deserved the title of "Revelation Restaurant": the Chef Victor Felisberto, Abrantes (in the Tagus) and the Taxiko Steakhouse, in Funchal, on the island of Madeira. The almeirinense Cisco – Traditional Kitchen returned for the second consecutive year to receive the award of "Best Traditional Cuisine".

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Tagus Gourmet: registration is open for the "Tasting and Wine Tasting Contest"

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