TEK showcase: 5 sports gadgets with features "out of the box" – Showcase

TEK showcase: 5 sports gadgets with features "out of the box" - Showcase

If you spend your life experimenting with new modalities and love technology, these devices and solutions should be on your shopping list of gadgets to play sports.

What motivates you to carry electronic equipment in your pocket whenever you leave home to practice sports? The reasons can be many and many, yes. That's why today there are sports gadgets for all tastes and purposes, from the very functional sports watches to Bluetooth headsets that do not spoil with rain and sweat.

In fact, it is the hope of getting a more enjoyable sporting and / or leisure experience that motivates most users of consumer sports '' items ''. Monitoring of daily training, listening to music during a race or cardio session in the gym, GPS on a walk or bicycle ride, actioncam in water sports …

On the other hand, there are security reasons that make it practically imperative to take certain gadgets with us during the practice of sports. We talk about the battery-powered smartphone during longer runs in mountain areas or more remote or technological helmets on mountain biking or road cycling sessions.

But among the wide range of sports gadgets, there are also several that have slightly "out of the box" purposes and characteristics. We are not talking about completely original equipment and that are used by a tiny minority of sportsmen, but of devices and solutions that are part of the normal segments of sports gadgets but that have characteristics that make them differ from the majority.

And this in terms of the target audience, the way they fulfill their main "missions" and the less usual features they integrate. Curious? Then browse through our gallery. And do not forget that, through SAPO TeK, we have introduced sports gadgets with original features at other times.

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