TEK Voting: Originality Needed Among Big Smartphone Manufacturers? – Opinion

TEK Voting: Originality Needed Among Big Smartphone Manufacturers? - Opinion

Do some follow the others and the differentiation by technology is increasingly tenuous – or even non-existent? Many of the netizens who voted on our Question of the Day on the subject think so.

For some time now, the biggest smartphone manufacturers have adopted very similar strategies in the development of their devices, with respect to the various aspects that contribute to the "whole", namely certain functionalities, from those related to the capabilities or effects of the cameras to the security options .

The differentiation in these bases seems increasingly difficult and, many times, the level of sympathy for one brand will be overcome, to the detriment of the others. That was the main direction of the most voted option in our Question of the Day regarding the current innovation capacity of the leading smartphone manufacturers.

Among SAPO TEK readers who voted, 32% believe that none is more innovative, following all the same trends. But to pick one out of the four "suggested", the award would go to Huawei, current number two on the world market, which garnered 23% of the vote. Second was another Chinese, Xiaomi, with (20%).

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In third place was Apple, with 14% considering that the apple brand is more innovative than the others, and fourth – and last on our list – the (still) current leader in the Samsung smartphone market, with 10% of wishes.

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