Telegram now has silent messages and a slow mode – iOS

Telegram now has silent messages and a slow mode - iOS

The Telegram update has one goal: to bring more peace and calm when needed. To this end, the app introduced a new way to send silent messages – even when the recipient's phone has sound on – and a slow mode.

The instant messaging app has been embroiled in a number of suspicions of data leakage and use for less lawful purposes, which creators want to counter with enhanced functionality.

Adding a silent mode is one of them, allowing you to send a message without the usual tap. If you have an idea to share in a group at 4am you don't need to wake up everyone, but as soon as you turn on the app the notification is there.

But it is also intended to reduce the impact of spam as slow mode sets a maximum number of messages received in a given period of time.

There are more news in the app with video timestamps, animated emojis and comment widgets, which can be discovered by installing or updating the Telegram application.

The app is available for free for iOS and Android.

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