Television is the main source of news in the US, study says

Television is the main source of news in the US, study says

Television remains the main source of news for Americans, while the press loses ground for digital services, an investigation has revealed.

The Pew Research Center report came to the conclusion that 47% of Americans prefer to watch the news on television, while 34% choose reading and 19% prefer listening behind the radio.

The survey warns of further problems for the already weakened newspaper industry, while television continues to maintain its position against online video. Among those who watch the news, 75% said they prefer television and 20% prefer the internet.

But among news readers, 63% preferred digital and 17% preferred print.

Overall, this means that only 7% of respondents chose the print format as the preferred way to consume news – by 2016, it was 11%.

Detailed by age segments, the survey also shows a particularly bleak outlook for newspapers: adults under 50 are more likely to prefer the internet as a platform for receiving news.

Even among those over 50, a third said they were more likely to look for news online.

Radio has remained stable as a news source, but more and more Americans are listening to the news online via podcasts or Internet radio, the survey showed.

Television has also lost no viewers, despite the growing number of online video initiatives, according to Pew.

The report was based on a survey of 3425 US adults, conducted July 30-August 12, with an estimated margin of error of 2.9 percentage points.

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