Ten hours of negotiations were not enough. Drivers and bosses fail agreement and strike continues – The Economic Journal

Dangerous drivers are now serving the sixth day of an indefinite strike, after failing a government-brokered agreement at a meeting that lasted about 10 hours.

The lack of agreement was reported by the spokesperson of the National Union of Hazardous Drivers (SNMMP) and later confirmed by the National Association of Public Road Hauliers (Antram) and the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, Pedro Nuno Santos.

“We have worked with the Minister on a proposal that would be reasonable to unblock the situation. Antram rejected the proposal and the strike continues, ”SNMMP representative Pedro Pardal Henriques told the Lusa news agency at the end of the meeting.

Sparrow Henriques said that Antram officiated with SNMMP “the same proposal that it had offered to Fectrans [Federação dos Sindicatos de Transportes e Comunicações] and the Independent Union of Freight Drivers ”.

"We do not accept this proposal because we cannot agree on what we do not understand to be a good deal," he continued.

Antram spokesman, André Matias de Almeida, considered that the proposal that the union presented to the Government is "unbearable to companies" and discriminatory to members of other unions in the sector.

Antram now expects that, in the plenary that SNMMP will hold on Sunday, in Aveiras de Cima (Lisbon), “there will be awareness among [do sindicato] and can understand that companies are at their limit,

At the end of the marathon negotiations, Minister Pedro Nuno Santos said that on the table were proposals from the union and the business association, but there is still disagreement between the parties.

"The strike goes on" as a result of the lack of agreement, admitted the Minister for Infrastructure and Housing.

The meeting between Pedro Nuno Santos and SNMMP representatives began around 4:00 pm Friday at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing in Lisbon and ended around 2:00 pm today.

In an interview published today by the weekly Expresso, the prime minister assured that the Government is available to take all measures to ensure that the country does not stop if the strike by dangerous drivers is prolonged.

“One thing is certain: so far, the planning and measures taken have ensured that the country has not stopped. And the country will not stop. We are available to take whatever measures may be necessary to achieve this objective, ”António Costa said in the interview, given before the SNMMP meeting at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing in Lisbon was known.

The Prime Minister also recalled the opinion of the Advisory Council of the Attorney General's Office to state that “not only services [mínimos] were adequate and can even be extended if necessary ”.

The strike began on Monday, August 12, indefinitely.

The strike was initially called by SNMMP and the Independent Freight Drivers Union (SIMM), but this union called off the protest on Thursday evening after meeting with Antram under government mediation.

The strike was called in order to demand from Antram compliance with the agreement signed in May, which provides for a wage increase.

At the end of the first day of the strike, the Government issued a partial and gradual civil request alleging non-compliance with the minimum services it had determined.

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