Teresa Portela confirms presence in K1 200 meters in the national tryouts

Teresa Portela confirms presence in K1 200 meters in the national tryouts


THE Canoeist Teresa Portela today confirmed her presence in the 200 meters K1 competition at the Tokyo2020 Olympic Games, by winning the Portuguese tryouts, in Montemor-o-Velho.

Teresa Portela, who had secured the Portuguese vacancy in the distance, at the 2019 World Championships, in Szeged, Hungary, where he was eighth, will be for the fourth time in Olympic Games, after the attendance in Beijing2008, London2012 and Rio2016.

The canoeist from Benfica, 33 years old, won the tryouts today, in 42.158 seconds, imposing herself to Francisca Laia (CD Os Patos) and Joana Vasconcelos, who were 0.120 and 0.490 seconds, respectively.

"I am very happy", revealed Teresa Portela, cited by Portuguese Canoeing Federation, lamenting the “horrible wait” for the confirmation of the Olympic vacancy: “I qualified in August 2019 and everyone thought that Teresa was going to the Olympic Games, but only that she was not, because, in fact, it is a vacancy for the country” .

In the previous three Olympic appearances, Teresa Portela has as its best result the sixth place in K4 500 meters, in London2012, when it was eighth in K1 200 meters and 11th in K1 500 meters, in which distance it finished in 14th and 11th places in Beijing2008 and in Rio2016, respectively.

“These last few days have been a stress, as I did not know what was going to happen and I only thought about whether or not I would qualify”, said Teresa Portela, emphasizing the justice in this confirmation: “I believed that I had done the most difficult part, that was to guarantee the place in the World Cup. I think, also for that reason, I deserve this vacancy for Tokyo2020 ”.

In addition to Teresa Portela, Fernando Pimenta, in K1 1,000 meters already has a presence in Tokyo2020, in an entourage of the modality that still counts on the guaranteed quotas in K4 500 meters, for Emanuel Silva, João Ribeiro, Messias Baptista and David Varela, and K1 slalom, for Antoine Launay.

The selective held today at the Canoeing High Performance Center also included eight other events, but for obtaining marks to define the calls for the Olympic qualification, on May 12 and 13, and for the World Cup, between 14 and 16 of May. May, to be played in Szeged.

In Montemor-o-Velho, Kevin Santos was the fastest in K1 200 meters, with a time of 36.851 seconds, and Joana Vasconcelos in K1 500 meters, in 01.53.905 minutes. João Cunha Pereira and Rúben Boas reached the record of 03.23,466 in K2 1,000 meters, while Francisca Laia and Maria Rei completed the K2 500 meter race on 01.48.015.

In the canoes, Inês Penetra finished the C1 200 meters race in 52.483 seconds, and the 02.06.421 minutes in C2 500 meters, teaming up with Beatriz Lamas, While Marco Apura and Bruno Afonso were the fastest in C2 1,000 meters, with a record of 03.42,774.

At C1 1,000 meters, Helder Silva completed the distance in 04.18.050 minutes.

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