Teresa Salgueiro at the reopening of the Cineteatro Louletano

Teresa Salgueiro at the reopening of the Cineteatro Louletano

After the closure due to the rules of the state of emergency, Cineteatro Louletano will reopen its doors with a unique concert starring Teresa Salgueiro.

The former Madredeus singer, who became independent as a singer and producer after leaving the band in 2007, brings to Loulé an exclusive concert, commissioned by the Municipality of Loulé and Cineteatro Louletano to celebrate April, the year in which they celebrate 47 years of the “Carnation Revolution”.

“For such a special occasion, as will always be the celebration of April 25, 1974, so remarkable for our collective history, the artist prepared, at the invitation of the Municipality of Loulé, a show whose alignment pays tribute to authors who his talent, the beauty and strength of his music, his poetry and his ability to intervene, decisively marked the birth of democracy in Portugal ”, says the artist's producer, Francisco Costa.

For over 30 years, Teresa Salgueiro has been a unique artistic figure and one of the emblematic images of Portugal in the world, in terms of music.

Names as different as José Carreras, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Carlos Núnez, Angelo Branduardi or Zbigniew Preisner recognized Teresa as one of the great contemporary singers. The last 13 years correspond to the period in which Teresa dedicated herself to her solo career as an interpreter and producer.

The April 19 concert marks an important milestone for the room that welcomes Teresa Salgueiro: the commemoration of the 91 years of Cineteatro Louletano, a room that opened to the public in 1930, precisely on April 19. Within the scope of these celebrations – and celebrating the possibility of holding face-to-face shows – the month of April will bring other great shows: on April 23, three pieces of contemporary dance, by Companhia In Tranz Yt; the 24th, the first Harp Festival in the Algarve; on the 25th, an unprecedented concert with Francisco Fanhais and Manuel Freire, two great “Cantautores” de Abril; on the 27th, the stage farewell of actress Eunice Muñoz; 29 again Dance, with the play “Dias Contados” by Elizabete Francisca (premiered at D. Maria II); and on April 30, CAL Jazz Collective on International Jazz Day.

The Cineteatro has the Clean & Safe seal and is a cultural structure in the field of performing arts of the Municipality of Loulé, integrated in Rede Azul – Rede de Theaters in the Algarve and Rede 5 Sentidos.


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