The action “I Love João d'Arens” is in the fight – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

The action “I Love João d'Arens” is in the fight - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

On the 15th of August, the “The Last Window to the Sea” citizenship group will organize a signature collection together with an awareness raising action in Praia da
Rocha and Praia do Alemão, "inviting all those who believe in this cause to walk along the beach in collecting signatures," the organization proposes.

This group of citizens intends to request to the Municipal Assembly of Portimão, the request for revocation or suspension of the Urbanization Plan of UP3 João de Arens. In May this year, the union of local active citizenship secured with the support of the national population, the resident foreign community and the involvement of the scientific community, more than 2000 signatures that resulted in a declaration of Unfavorable Environmental Impact to the project that intended to build three hotel establishments 'in this last and emblematic green area of ​​the coastal coastline of the municipality of Portimão'.

“The Urbanization Plan is the base of the pyramid that allows more projects like the one that was eliminated in May to come back; so it makes no sense that every year we have to mobilize the community and collect signatures, ”says the group's source. “By requesting the revocation or suspension of the current plan, we nip it in the bud; The grounds of the CCDR opinion that failed the construction project of hotels in João de Arens made it clear that it was impossible to comply with the existing plan without damaging the environment, ”he said.

Map of João de Arens

«We are not against the existence of a plan, we are not against the owners, we do not revoke rights of the owners, we revoke, rights of the plan, harmful to the environment and we want a plan that safeguards the high landscape and ecological value of João d'Arens ; that guarantees the protection of existing natural values ​​and the identity of the place ”says Lucinda Caetano, urbanist architect, member of the citizenship group.

“We don't want more buildings on cliffs, we don't want buildings less than 500 meters from the coast, we don't want buildings that only happened by creating exception rules, we don't want to add urbanistic pressure to a place that deserves to be preserved as a natural landscape. , besides the danger that would be to build on rocks that are dissolving and any construction that is made there will violate the new strategy of land management, so it makes perfect sense this new public petition ”, adds Rui Amores, lawyer, also member of the group “The last window to the sea”.

The meeting point will be at Praia da Rocha Sports Zone, at 09h00. To whom will join this initiative, the "The Last Window to the Sea" citizenship group will offer a T-shirt for everyone to "wear the shirt" by João de Arens and for the preservation of the environment. The action “I Love João d'Arens” aims to “involve the tourists who visit us in the preservation of this place, because besides the residents, they will also be the main beneficiaries of the survival of that green spot that further embellishes the Algarve coast”.



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