"The Algarve is seen as a safe region…" Elidérico Viegas / AHETA

"The Algarve is seen as a safe region…" Elidérico Viegas / AHETA

“In terms of balance sheet, if you can call it balance sheet, in the last two and a half months, the hotels in the region and not only in the country also closed, not because of any administrative imposition, or because of any legal provision, but because they left to have customers … ” this is how the exclusive interview with the diariOnline Southern Region newspaper, Elidérico Viegas, president of AHETA – Association of Hotels and Tourist Enterprises of the Algarve, began, about the time of the pandemic that is being lived all over the world.

“The number of infected people was very low and the number of deaths also, so the Algarve is seen as a safe region, where the virus and the pandemic practically did not take place…” reflected Elidérico Viegas, when asked about the numbers that the Algarve region presents.

Regarding the damage caused by this pandemic in the Algarve region, the president of AHETA said that “We estimate that the Algarve may have a loss this year, in the order of 700 million euros, I am only talking about hotels and enterprises officially classified. As we know in the Algarve, the officially classified enterprises generate 1,250 million euros annually, or did, rather… ”

Elidérico Viegas reflected on the support measures that the Government promoted saying that “The Government's measures, in our perspective, were on the right track…”, confirming further that the fact that the first flight to Faro has already taken place is a good sign for the resumption "the beginning of air transport is the first condition for us to have tourist flows to the region …".

In the second part of this interview, the president of AHETA reflects on what should be done now, taking into account that the summer is here.


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