“The average salary has to rise significantly,” says António Costa – Jornal Económico

António Costa says that “the average salary [dos portugueses] has to rise significantly. ” In an interview with “TVI”, the prime minister points out that “in this legislature the minimum wage has risen 20%”.

“When we set this goal many said that the devil was coming, that investment would run away and unemployment would not go down. The truth is that we achieved this revaluation of the minimum wage and at the same time had a record job creation. The 600 euros minimum wage was the goal of recovery from the crisis ”, stressed António Costa.

The Portuguese Prime Minister recalls that “over these four years 350,000 jobs were created in net terms” and that it is necessary to “continue this trajectory”.

António Costa emphasizes that “we should not only negotiate the minimum wage. We have a general salary problem in Portuguese society ”, and that in addition to the average salary, also“ the salary of young graduates has to rise significantly ”.

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