"The balance is not positive, but it is favorable …" – Rosa Palma / CM Silves

"The balance is not positive, but it is favorable ..." - Rosa Palma / CM Silves

Rosa Palma, Mayor of Silves, in an exclusive interview with diariOnline South Region newspaper made a brief assessment of the time of the pandemic, starting by mentioning that in the municipality, to date, “We had a total of about 18 cases, we already have 9 recovered, we are now monitoring 9 other situations, but we have no deaths, luckily we do not have…” adding that "The ideal would always be to have no case, obviously it is not, which would give us much more confidence in this specific case …"

Regarding measures to mitigate unemployment and the downturn in the economy, the silvense mayor revealed that “The measures were taken immediately… because we have a social action regulation… we had to make a financial reinforcement…” adding that “We also have a team, a phone number was created, which is the SOS19, in order to be able to give an answer as soon as possible, we want the answer to be given in 24 hours…”

Regarding a possible slippage in the Chamber's budget for this year, taking into account the drop in revenue and an increase in expenses, Rosa Palma said that “We have a cut in revenues, obviously, as you should calculate, it will not be the only municipality… we have some slippage, we are doing the calculations in relation to that, but there will never be a lack of what is essential…”

In the second part of this interview, Rosa Palma answers about what will happen with the events, as well as what will be the future.


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