"The Battle of Darkness": already know the new saga of Portuguese science fiction? – Showbiz

"The Battle of Darkness": already know the new saga of Portuguese science fiction? - Showbiz

Judging by its protagonist, can it be said that its preference is to situate the action in the world of the military, of the warlike action?

In general I am interested in militarist literature, yes, and in most of my novels there is a militaristic penchant. It fascinates me how people face danger, relationships and difficult decisions in such a harsh environment as war. In the same way, fascination with discipline, teamwork … War is a terrible thing, but it represents the primitive primal internal struggle of the human being: the struggle between Life and Death, and although men are capable of the worst in times of war, we also know that is where they show their best. All this is interesting to me and leads me to want to write about this drama.

His approach to science fiction belongs to the universe of "space operas" fantasies. Do you agree? Is it your favorite form of science fiction? And, by the way, who are your favorite authors?

Yes I agree. They are adventures that take place in other parts of the universe, with different rules, focused on the confrontations between characters and not on the technology or the dance between the Man and the technology. And I really like 'space operas', yes, it never occurred to me to think about whether it's my favorite science fiction genre or not, but I really like it. Whenever I talk about science fiction I get the name of Frank Herbert, of course, or Phillip K. Dick. But my favorite authors are not necessarily science fiction and I get such disparate names as Hemingway, Walt Whitman or George R.R. Martin.

"The Battle of Darkness" arrives in Portuguese after its release in English, which is always curious when it comes to an author here. Do you think publishing internationally is the best way out for Portuguese science fiction writers?

I think yes. The Portuguese public is interesting, interested and affectionate – but it is very small. I think these days it is imperative for a writer, especially a writer outside the big markets like the US or China, to approach the global market one way or another. Today it is possible to sell easily to the whole world and I think it is important to take up this challenge – I have already sold to the USA, India, Japan, Spain, Germany, England, Australia, and a little everywhere. I think it is a small, petty and provincial attitude that we have to win and die in Portuguese. You have to look outside, look up and look around. Today we are a global village. It was the Portuguese who inaugurated this idea and we must take pride in pursuing it.

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