The best Portuguese wines have been awarded and there is a "handful" of winners – Current

The best Portuguese wines have been awarded and there is a "handful" of winners - Current

The Compania Agrícola e Comercial do Varosa won the Grand Prix of Sparkling Wine for the second consecutive year, this time with the Murganheira Vintage Távora Varosa Sparkling White 2009. The Villa Oliveira Dão Encruzado branco 2015, the Rosas Regional Sea Lisbon rosé 2017, the Duorum Old Vines Douro Red Reserva 2015 and the Muscovite Wire Setúbal 20 Years, in the generous, complete the range of the great winners.

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Murganheira Vintage Távora Varosa Sparkling white 2009

But there were more, in total, there were 101 wines awarded in the wine event that took place in Lisbon, within the scope of the Great Choices Wines & Flavors. Among the winners, five were awarded the "2018 Press Choice Grand Prize" and the remaining 88 were the "2018 Press Choice Award."

The selection of award-winning wines, now known, was made last October 18, by a panel of judges of almost sixty elements, 59 to be more precise. There were about 350 wines to be won.

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Villa Oliveira Dão Encruzado branco 2015.

The jury was composed of media – print media, radio and television and social media – wine shop owners, among other experts, such as professional critics of wine and opinion leaders, as well as oenophiles.

For those interested, it is the complete list of the awarded nectars:


SPARKLING: Murganheira Vintage Távora – White Sparkling Wine 2009 (Varosa Agricultural and Commercial Society)

WHITE WINES: Villa Oliveira Dão Encruzado branco 2015 (The Shelter of the Catwalk)

PINK WINES: Mar de Rosas Regional Lisbon rosé 2017 (Adraga Vineyards)

RED WINES: Duorum Old Vines Douro Reserva red 2015 (Duorum Vinhos)

GENEROUS WINES: Wire Moscatel de Setúbal 20 years (José Maria da Fonseca Vinhos)

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Mar de Rosas Regional Lisbon rosé 2017.



Henriques Bairrada Sparkling Super White Reserve (Caves of the Mountain – A. Henriques)

Cartuxa Alentejo Sparkling white 2012 (Eugénio de Almeida Foundation)

Freixenet Cava Reserva Real Cuvée de Prestige white (Freixenet)

Kompassus Bairrada Sparkling rosé 2012 (Kompassus Wines)

Luiz Costa Bairrada Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay Raw White Natural 2015 (Caves São João Sociedade dos Vinhos Irmãos Unidos)

M & M Gold Edition Beira Atlântico White Sparkling (Central Cave of Bairrada)

Marquês de Marialva Bairrada Sparkling wine Bical & Arinto White reserve 2014 (Adega Cooperativa de Cantanhede)

Murganheira Assemblage Távora-Varosa Sparkling Great White Reserve 2002 (Varosa Agricultural and Commercial Society)

Murganheira Millésime Távora-Varosa Sparkling white 2009 (Sociedade Agrícola e Comercial do Varosa)

Poco Natural Raw Sparkling (Casa Agrícola HMR)

Spring Blanc de Blancs Bairrada Sparkling Bical White Reserve 2015 (Spring Caves)

Raposeira Peerless Sparkling Super White Reserve 2013 (Raposeira Caves)

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Duorum Old Vines Douro Reserva red 2015.


Palmela Cellar Palmela White Reserve 2015 (Adega Cooperativa de Palmela)

Bacalhôa Regional Peninsula de Setúbal White Chardonnay 2017 (Bacalhôa Wines from Portugal)

Casa Ermelinda Freitas Regional Península de Setúbal Sauvignon Blanc & Verdelho branco 2017 (Casa Ermelinda Freitas Vinhos)

Deu-La-Deu Premium Monção and Melgaço Green Wine Alvarinho branco 2015 (Adega Cooperativa Regional de Monção)

Two Point Five Beira Interior Fonte Cal Harvest Special white 2017 (2.5 Wines from Belmonte)

Expressions Vinho Verde Monção e Melgaço branco 2016 (Anselmo Mendes Vinhos)

Guru Douro branco 2017 (Wine & Soul)

Herdade Paço do Conde Regional Alentejano White Reserve 2016 (Sociedade Agrícola Encosta do Guadiana)

M Morvalley Douro Grande White Reserve 2016 (WDV Wine Douro Valley)

Malhadinha Regional Alentejano branco 2017 (Herdade da Malhadinha Nova)

Meruge Douro branco 2016 (Farmers of Feitoria, Quinta Vinhos)

Mula Velha Signature Regional Lisbon white 2016 (Quinta do Gradil)

Palace of the Távoras Trás-os-Montes Old White Vines 2016 (Costa Boal Family Estates)

Pulo do Lobo Reg. Alentejano white 2017 (Agricultural Society of Pias)

Quinta da Pedra Regional Writing White Duriense 2017 (Rui Roboredo Madeira)

Quinta da Pedra Regional Writing Duriense White reserve 2017 (Rui Roboredo Madeira)

Quinta das Cerejeiras Óbidos Grande White Reserve 2016 (Companhia Agrícola do Sanguinhal)

Quinta de Santiago Vinho Verde Monção and Melgaço Alvarinho White Reserve 2017 (Nenufar Real Sociedade Agrícola)

Quinta do Regueiro Barricas Vinho Verde Monção and Melgaço Alvarinho branco 2016 (Quinta do Regueiro)

Sobrado Vinho Verde Monção and Melgaço Alvarinho White reserve 2016 (VinuSoalleirus)

Old Vine Green Vinho Monção and Melgaço Alvarinho Choose white 2016 (Provam)

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Muscatel wire from Setúbal 20 Years.


Bacalhôa Regional Peninsula de Setúbal Roxo rosé 2017 (Bacalhôa Wines from Portugal)

Casa do Lago Regional Lisbon rosé 2017 (DFJ Wines)

Pousio Selection Reg. Alentejano rosé 2017 (Casa Agrícola HMR)

Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo Douro Reserva rosé 2017 (Quinta Nova of Our Lady of Carmo)

Serras de Azeitão Reg. Península de Setúbal Syrah rosé 2017 (Bacalhôa Wines from Portugal)


Adega Mayor reg. Alentejano Touriga Nacional red 2016 (Adega Mayor)

Alento Reg. Alentejano Red Reserva 2015 (Luís Louro)

Aliança Baga Classic By Quinta da Dôna Bairrada red 2011 (Aliança – Portugal Wines)

Batuta Douro red 2016 (Niepoort Vinhos)

Bombeira do Guadiana Reg. Alentejano Reserva rojo 2014 (Bombeira do Guadiana)

Cadão Vinhas Velhas Douro red 2011 (Mateus & Sequeira Vinhos)

Dory Lisboa Red Reserva 2015 (AdegaMãe Sociedade Agrícola)

Fonte do Ouro Dão Special Reserve Touriga Nacional red 2015 (Sociedade Agrícola Boas Quintas)

Herdade das Servas Regional Alentejano Reserve red 2015 (Serrano Mira)

Herdade de São Miguel Foot of Mother Reg. Alentejano red 2016 (Casa Agrícola Alexandre Relvas)

Incognito Regional Alentejano red 2014 (Cortes de Cima)

José de Sousa Mayor reg. Alentejano red 2015 (José Maria da Fonseca Vinhos)

Julia Kemper Dão Reserva 2011 (Julia Kemper Wines)

M Marquês de Marialva Bairrada Grande Reserva 2011 (Adega Cooperativa de Cantanhede)

Malhadinha Regional Alentejano red 2015 (Herdade da Malhadinha Nova)

Malo Platinum Vinhas Velhas Reg. Península de Setúbal Grande Reserva Red 2015 (Malo Wines)

Marquês de Borba Vinhas Velhas Alentejo red 2016 (João Portugal Ramos Vinhos)

Olho de Mocho Single Vineyard Reg. Alentejano Red Reserva 2016 (Rocim)

Outeiro Regional Alentejano red 2013 (Terras de Alter)

Passadouro Douro Touriga Nacional red 2016 (Quinta do Passadouro)

Pousio Regional Alentejano Alicante Bouschet redto 2016 (Casa Agrícola HMR)

Looking for Old Vines Regioanl Alentejano red 2014 (Susana Esteban)

Quid Pro Quo Regional Alentejano Reserve red 2016 (Casa Santos Lima)

Quinta da Extrema Edition I Douro red 2015 (Colinas do Douro Agricultural Society)

Quinta da Leda Douro red 2015 (Sogrape Vinhos)

Quinta da Romaneira Vinhas Velhas Douro Touriga Franca red 2016 (Sociedade Agrícola da Romaneira)

Quinta de S. José Douro Red Reserva 2016 (João Brito e Cunha)

Quinta do Côtto Douro Grande Choose red 2015 (Montez Champalimaud)

Quinta do Gradil Regional Lisbon Cabernet Sauvignon & Tinta Roriz red 2015 (Quinta do Gradil)

Quinta do Vallado Douro Field Blend Red Reserva 2015 (Quinta do Vallado)

Quinta dos Avidagos Lenuma Douro red 2015 (Quinta dos Avidagos)

Quinta dos Carvalhais Dão Reserva red 2015 (Sogrape Vinhos)

Quinta dos Termos Vinha das Colmeias Beira Interior Red Reserva 2015 (Quinta dos Termos)

Quinta S. João Batista Do Tejo Grande Reserva red 2012 (Enoport – Beverage Production)

Ravasqueira Vinha das Pampas Reg. Alentejano red 2015 (Sociedade Agrícola D. Diniz)

Santos da Casa Reg. Alentejano Grande Reserva red 2015 (Santos & Seixo)

Lands of Sto António Dão Alfrocheiro red 2015 (Agricultural Society of Quinta de Santo António)

Vale da Judía Regional Península de Setúbal Red Reserva 2015 (Cooperativa Agrícola de Santo Isidro de Pegões)

Valley of Pios' As Tourigas Douro red 2007 (Quinta de Vale de Pios)

Valle Pradinhos Regional Transmontano Grande Red Reserva 2015 (Maria Antónia Pinto de Azevedo Mascarenhas)

Vidigueira 1498 Alentejo Grande Reserve red 2014 (Adega Cooperativa de Vidigueira, Cuba and Alvito)

Villa Oliveira Dão Touriga Nacional red 2014 (O Abrigo da Pasarela)


Winery of Borba Premium Alentejo Liquorous red (Adega Cooperativa de Borba)

Barros Porto Colheita 1998 (Sogevinus Fine Wines)

Burmester Port Tawny 20 Year Old (Sogevinus Fine Wines)

Cabriz Odd Wine Liquorous Red (Global Wines)

Henriques & Henriques Wood Verdelho 15 Years Old (Henriques & Henriques – Vinhos)

Justino's Madeira Malvasia 1997 (Justino's Madeira Wines)

Quinta do Grifo Porto 2016 Vintage (Rozès)

Ramos Pinto Quinta de Ervamoira Porto Tawny 10 years old (Adriano Ramos Pinto)

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