“The bet is on training, on road cycling and obviously keeping‘ Algarvia ’” Ricardo Rodrigues / ACA

“The bet is on training, on road cycling and obviously keeping‘ Algarvia ’” Ricardo Rodrigues / ACA

The Algarve Cycling Association (ACA) went to elections last Saturday and from the two lists to suffrage, as reported by the daily diariOnline South Region, list A, led by Ricardo Rodrigues, was the winner.

In an exclusive interview with diariOnline South Region, the newly elected chairman of the board of directors of ACA began by saying that "What was elected was the list, I am the face of the list, but without a doubt that the clubs, the bet they made was in the whole and not in just one person", I add that "As someone on our list has already said this is not just talking, when the opportunity arises we have to show up and be present …"

“The truth is that the association was suspended for financial reasons, which the old management resolved about two years ago, so it was only now that it was possible to make the accounts reports for all these years… clarified Ricardo Rodrigues.

"We want to elevate this modality that has been a little forgotten…”

“Our plan for now is to get hold of this, but unfortunately we are in this pandemic situation, which leaves us with a little hands tied…” revealed the ACA president about the future, adding that the bet is "In training, in road cycling, and obviously keeping‘ Algarvia ’", the Volta ao Algarve by Bicycle, which in recent years, including this one, whose new date due to the pandemic has passed to the beginning of May, has been organized by the Portuguese Cycling Federation.

Finally, Ricardo Rodrigues clarified that “Many people connected to cycling know that I have always been a little more connected to mountain biking, even at the level and organization of races, but this list is made up of people with a lot of knowledge of cycling, we want to keep it, we want to elevate this modality that has remained a little forgotten … ” said the ACA president who, together with his peers, will lead the association until 2023.

A thank you to the Portuguese Cycling Federation for providing the images used in the illustration of the interview, which were taken from the official Volta ao Algarve em Bicicleta page on Facebook.


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