"The 'contraption' has died." Spain echoes the end of the governmental solution that so fascinated 'our brothers' – The Jornal Económico

"After four years of life, this Friday was confirmed the news that everyone anticipated in Portugal: the 'contraption' – the famous alliance of the Portuguese left – has definitely died." This is how El Mundo announced the end of the left alliance that allowed the parliamentary left to overthrow Pedro Passos Coelho's executive and form another governmental solution.

“Thus, the reissue of the government solution that so fascinated Spain and Pedro Sánchez aspired to recreate, heading a exclusively socialist executive with Pablo Iglesias as a faithful squire in Congress, is discarded,” continued the El Mundo article.

This Friday, the Left Bloc (BE) coordinator, Catarina Martins, regretted Friday the PS's decision not to sign any written commitment to leftist parties again. Catarina Martins accuses the PS of being “unavailable to change the labor law”, which has led to the unfeasibility of an agreement between the two parties.

“In deciding to put an end to the existence of a model of political agreement that has become known as a 'contraption', the PS rejects a model that has shown resistance to political turmoil, which has prevented setbacks and ensured a stable recovery path for the country. and respect for rights and income. The 'contraption' agreements were a guarantee of stability in people's lives and BE regrets the decision not to continue on this path, ”said the BE coordinator.

Catarina Martins says the BE was available to negotiate with the PS on election night, and that on Wednesday, when the PS met with the BE, she exposed to the secretary general of the PS, António Costa, a methodology and political basis for agreeing to sign a legislative agreement "in which party autonomy coexisted with stability measures in the recovery of rights and incomes". Among the conditions imposed by the BE was the revision of the labor law.

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