The future of entrepreneurship in Lagos – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

The future of entrepreneurship in Lagos - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Event brings together entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, young people and stakeholders, with the objective of stimulating business activity in the municipality and the region.

Where will the future of entrepreneurship go? The answer to this question will be given during the second edition of the Lagos Start On to Start Up – entrepreneurship meeting that brings together entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, young people and stakeholders that aims to stimulate business activity in the county. For three days, and until Saturday, October 12, the municipality of Lagos indulges in reflection on this universe, seeking, together with all these players, to understand what are the best ways to undertake and innovate in various economic sectors, particularly in the of tourism. Exploring the relationship between universities, schools, and businesses, and understanding how to raise start-up capital for business ideas are another major cornerstone of the program.

Yesterday was dedicated to the opportunities that the exchange of experiences may represent for those who will be the “entrepreneurs of the future”, with visits by local companies to schools in the morning. Already in the afternoon, it is the students who went to know the business fabric in loco. Today, the highlight goes to the paths that Lagos can follow to innovate, highlighting here the opportunities of sea tourism. The University of Algarve, Lagos Live Science Center and World Wide Trading and Consulting (BWTC) are just some of the entities confirmed in the panel discussion scheduled for this Friday morning. In the afternoon, we highlight the moment dedicated to the business accelerator “Tourism Up – Taste Up” and the presentation of the Lagos Tourism Plan.

The last day has as its motto “Dream and know to happen” and integrates the presentation of business ideas to potential investors. The program ends with a dinner and conversation – a moment of sharing and inspiration – with entrepreneur Sandra Barão Nobre and a concert by “Time for T”, a band led by Tiago Saga, who just released the album “Galavanting”.

Hugo Pereira, acting mayor of Lagos City Council, said: “It is necessary to broaden horizons, think 360º and realize that the future of entrepreneurship depends on each one of us. Entrepreneurship faces a whole set of new challenges, starting from the outset with sustainability, which makes it inevitable to bet on new aspects, namely the socially sustainable one, ”he adds. For the mayor, “It is crucial that Lagos bet on entrepreneurship that thinks about the conflict between technology, employment and modes of production, on a true entrepreneurship of causes, just as it is urgent to embark on a path that makes room for the emergence of sustainable bets in the region. food, sea, health, technology or tourism '.

Hugo Pereira also highlights the role of territories, which today and more than ever have to be open to creativity and innovation, because only in this way will they be able to become attractive. "Public administration should take a facilitative stance, particularly in terms of bureaucratic issues and the ability to relate to these new entrepreneurial audiences, as well as a focus on Taylor-made public policies and agile, coordinated and efficient governance between organizations and entrepreneurs", concludes



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