“The Government very much liked the union struggles of CGTP and UGT. They are very polite, very disciplined fights ”- O Jornal Económico

The leader of the Revolutionary Democratic Party (PDR) criticized the government's stance on the labor conflict between fuel drivers and industry bosses.

In an assessment of António Costa's performance during the drivers' strike, Marinho Pinto said that “it did not differ much from the way dictatorships treat unions that they do not like,” he said in an interview with Radio Observer.

"The Government, and the successive governments, have been very fond of the union struggles of CGTP and UGT, they are very polite, very disciplined, very responsible struggles," said Marinho Pinto this Tuesday, August 20.

“The dictatorship had the riot police charge the workers: bankers, metallurgists, TAP workers. In this process, there were drivers who had to work with pointed weapons. There was one that slowed the march and GNRs were soon aiming for machine guns, ”he compared.

The former president of the Portuguese Bar Association said he had reverted to the “substance of this process”, referring to the trade union struggle carried out by the National Union of Hazardous Drivers (SNMMP).

“Do you know what it means for Portuguese society to have people working more than 70 hours a week transporting tons of fuel? Do you know the danger this posed? People have no idea… they were bombarding with dark clocks behind them, working over 70 hours a week, and receiving a large chunk of wages under the table, so that the employers would not pay Social Security contributions, ”Marino said. Chick.

In an interview with Observer Radio, the PDR leader also praised the SNMMP vice president. "It would be an excellent candidate for the Assembly of the Republic because it led, or participated in a process of union struggle, the most important phenomena of Portuguese democracy, or even the most important, especially after the degeneracy of democracy."

Asked if Pardal Henriques will be a candidate for the PDR in the legislative elections, Marinho Pinto rejected unveiling the taboo. “It's a hypothesis, let's see. We do not confirm or deny any name that is presented by the media without the lists being approved. ”

It is recalled that the Pardal Henriques SNMMP and the National Association of Road Public Transport (ANTRAM) are meeting today to try to reach agreement on the labor conflict that has pitted the union and employers for several months and has already led to two strikes.

Marinho Pinto: "Sparrow Henriques would be an excellent candidate for Parliament"

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