The Greens ”Say Parliament's Only Green“ Forminguinha ”- The Economic Journal

“The Greens” (EPP) parliamentary leader, Heloísa Apolónia, defines her parliamentary bench as the only ecologist party present, with “ant work”, devaluing any growth of the competitor People-Animals- Nature (PAN).

In an interview with Lusa, the MP stipulated the goal of winning more seats in parliament and justified the fact that the ENP had always competed (1987) in the Unitarian Democratic Coalition, with the PCP, with the balance, “so far, positive ”, Because of this broadening the support base, with many independent citizens, even though it is“ perfectly normal ”that the two parties have some“ positions and interpretations of their own on various issues and in the face of concrete proposals ”.

“It's no obstacle [o PAN]. I think social communication is a major factor in getting the message across. It should be agreed, if accompanied by the parliamentary work, that there was a differentiation from various political forces in the translation of their political message. I do not consider it to be an obstacle, ”he said of the rise in the PAN vote in the recent European elections and growth in polls, stressing the differential treatment of the media“ vis-à-vis various political forces ”, without specifying whether it also referred to the BE.

About a month after the legislative elections, Heloísa Apolónia ranked “The Greens” as the only political force with truly environmental concerns in São Bento when asked about the apparent lack of electoral gains, even with the growing dominance of the media agenda by environmental problems and climate change, and faced with the possibility that the ENP is not autonomous from the CFP as a “missed opportunity” to win this niche.

“I have no doubt about that. It is the environmental party of parliament. I think so [o único]”, He attested.

However, according to the parliamentary ecologist, “the media has not echoed the voice and sphere of intervention and action of 'The Greens' regarding often secondary environmental issues”, but which now appear to be “more fashionable”. "

“We all always have room to improve our own communication as well, but? The Greens' promote, for example, what might perhaps be called ant work. The exercise of our parliamentary work is very much concerned with the problems of the territory and the people in particular. We do a lot of work with groups of citizens or even individuals who come to report some issues, namely pollution or others. And we go to the venue, let's check so that, knowingly, we can bring more concrete to parliament, ”he said.

Heloísa Apolónia thus described what she considers to be “the biggest thrill of parliamentary work”, but “in fact, a very ant job”.

“We are not a project that works to feed the media – it is no contradiction to what I said earlier. We are not permanently looking for masks to delight the media. We do a lot of ant, terrain, very concrete work – that's how we know how to work – in connection with the territory and the populations, ”he concluded.

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