"The house of Bernarda Alba" on stage at the Teatro Ibérico until Saturday – Showbiz

"The house of Bernarda Alba" on stage at the Teatro Ibérico until Saturday - Showbiz

The director João Garcia Miguel chose to put this play on the scene as an appeal "against the isolation that is increasing in the world", and because the text of Federico García Lorca also serves as "libel", to "resist", as he told Lusa.

In these times, "the 'Bernardas Albas' return, grow in the cruel light of our day, like monsters that shatter lives," he said.

"They are becoming more coercive", "they propagate speeches where they imply mechanisms of repression and censorship, as if they defended liberties". "Opportunities are not the same for everyone," and in the present times, "and the diminution of the freedom of the individual is a daily activity, a succession of events that can not be repudiated and that attack us and settle in 'prison existence, says João Garcia Miguel in the presentation of the play.

For the director of the Iberian Theater and director, Lorca's play is an "excellent way" to approach the enclausuramento that the human being lives in the present time and the lack of freedom, as in the play of Lorca, he said.

"The play by Federico García Lorca and the character Bernarda Alba illustrates this difficulty in balancing the struggle we face daily with the latent tensions between the more animal side and the more social and civilized side of the human being," said the director.

Therefore, stressed Miguel Garcia Miguel, the play by Federico Garcia Lorca allows addressing the issue of oppression.

If in the original piece is the death of the father that triggers the closure and oppression of women, in the text worked by João Garcia Miguel to stage, the authoritarian powers existing and disguised of democracy, that end up oppressing the present and the future, to Lusa

"The version that we are going to do here has to do with my way of seeing and living the moment in which we are, the social order, the very situation of Portuguese theater and everything [o que atualmente enfrentamos]"He stressed.

The play by Federico García Lorca, the last written by the author before being shot by Falangist forces during the Spanish Civil War, is a three-act drama that takes place in the closed house of Bernarda Alba, mother of five daughters – Angustias, Magdalena, Amélia , Martírio and Adela -, in a small town in the interior of Spain.

Garcia Miguel's approach includes Irish actor Sean O'Callaghan in Bernarda Alba's character, while Brazilian Anette Naiman plays the sisters Angustias and Martírio and her compatriot Paula Liberati plays Adela, the youngest daughter. Duarte Melo plays La Poncia, one of the old maids of the house, who knows everything about her.

The costumes are from Rute Osório de Castro.

In June 2019, "The House of Bernarda Alba" should also be taken to the scene in Brazil.

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