The human eye, the 7.5 grams structure that fascinates an Armenian

It weighs 7.5 grams and volume 6.5 cubic centimeters. It can distinguish close to ten million colors and adds more than one hundred million cells. The human eye is a magnificent, beautiful "machine" composed of numerous structures such as the cornea, the iris, the lens, the vitreous body.

The eye seduces for years an Armenian photographer born in 1976. Suren Manvelyan, dedicated since the 16 years to the photography. In 2006 he became a professional photographer, developing this practice in parallel with his scientific activity in the field of quantum physics and mathematics.

Among the many interests in the field of image capture, Suren pays particular attention to the photo frame and, in this context, to the human organ responsible for capturing the light reflected by the objects, transforming them into a signal processed by the brain. Manvelyan lives fascinated by the beauty of the human eye, photographing it with splendor.

The work of this Armenian, entitled "Your beautiful eyes", Has received international interest, published in magazines and newspapers in different countries. Suren does not only photograph the structure of the human eye, but also that of innumerable animal species. He's done it hundreds of times, in three sets of photographs.

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