The play "João and Beatriz" remains current despite writing 20 years ago – Showbiz

The play "João and Beatriz" remains current despite writing 20 years ago - Showbiz

Canadian playwright Carole Fréchette believes that the play "John and Beatrice", staged in Sintra and written 20 years ago, remains current because people "continue to have difficulty and fear of loving."

Carole Fréchette, who was born in Montreal (Québec) in 1949 and was awarded the Siminovitch Theater Prize in 2002, spoke to Lusa during her stay in Portugal to watch the play "João and Beatriz" Theater House of Sintra, where it stays on scene until October 21.

The writer came to watch the debut of "Joao and Beatriz" and the staged reading of another piece of her, "The Four Deaths of Marie", held last weekend at the bookstore Ler Devagar, Lx Factory, in Lisbon.

Although there is no translated work in Portugal, what the playwright "liked to happen", this is the third work of the author who arrives at the Portuguese stage, after "The seven days of Simão Labrosse" and "The necklace of Helena" , on stage in 2006, at the Teatro Aberto and at the Teatro Municipal de Almada, respectively.

On "João and Beatriz", that the actress Sofia Borges now directs in Sintra, after having had contact with the author's writing for 20 years, Carole Fréchette says that when she wrote this piece she aspired to "know a great love", reason why "Projected" on the character he built of Beatrice.

"At the time I felt myself waiting for a prince to change my life," he told the Lusa news agency, adding that he nevertheless wrote the play "to play with male and female stereotypes."

"The man conquers, the woman hopes to be conquered. I built the piece so not to denounce these stereotyped figures, but to recognize that these figures also live in each of us, "he confessed.

Hence he drew the character of Beatrice as a "capricious princess," while giving John a "cool, bounty hunter" personality.

"But with the progress of the game, we discovered contradictions and weaknesses, especially in the character of John, in whom I discovered an immense fear of the other, to lose in the other," he said.

Carole Fréchette says she knows little about Portuguese theater, except for some work by Tiago Rodrigues, artistic director of the D. Maria II National Theater, who has seen work at a festival in Montreal.

Asked by Lusa about new projects, Carole Fréchette said she is working on three new dramaturgies at the same time, one of which she concluded recently.

It is "Nassara," a play that takes place in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, during a conference on agriculture, which confronts a Western woman who participates in the initiative and an African girl who takes action desperate.

The playwright is also working on a play on Ismênia, sister of Antigone, which deepens an earlier monologue, presented in 2006 in France.

"Ismeneia is seen as a character erased in the tragedies of Sophocles, as opposed to sister Antigone. But I am very interested in your doubts and the desire to end violence, "said the Canadian playwright, Lusa.

Another ongoing work by Carole Fréchette is shared with writer Lise Vaillancourt, novelist and playwright, born in Montreal in 1954.

Four years ago, the two women writers committed themselves to writing to each other every two weeks, reporting the progress of the ongoing projects.

The exchange of correspondence lasted until a short time ago and the two women writers are now adapting this dialogue to the theater, which Carole Fréchette said gave rise to an "intimate and atypical spectacle", which I would also like to see represented in Portugal.

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