“The Portuguese liked the contraption and wish the continuation of the current political solution” – O Jornal Económico

The leader of the Socialist Party, António Costa, reacted to the victory of the Socialist Party, but without an absolute majority, stressing that “the PS won these elections and strengthened its political position in Portugal” and that “the Portuguese liked the contraption and wanted continuity. current political solution. ”

The Socialist leader assured the PS that he will endeavor "to secure the stability solution" and will "seek out our parliamentary partners".

"We will also repeat the contacts we have established with the NAP four years ago so that there is a political agreement within the legislature," he said, opening the door to Free. “The PCP and the Left Block consoled their electoral position. The NAP has seen a politically relevant reinforcement, ”he said.

“PS has increased and won in votes, increased and won in terms of mandate. It is the only political party that elects deputies in all constituencies in mainland Portugal, ”António Costa told a press conference at the Altis Hotel in Lisbon.

The socialist leader also said that tonight's results mean that “the PSD and CDS had the biggest right-wing defeat in Portugal” and that this “result clearly expresses the Portuguese's rejection” of a campaign marked by “ personal attacks ”.

Costa also acknowledged that the “high abstention rate should be considered”, regarding the numbers of electoral participation.


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