“The PS has often leaned to the right on fundamental issues” – Jornal Económico

PCP Secretary-General Jerónimo de Sousa reaffirmed on Wednesday that four years ago there was a joint position, but that the scenario is currently different and that “stability is in the hands of the PS itself”.

"During these four years the PS has often leaned to the right on fundamental issues," Jerónimo de Sousa told a news conference following the conclusions of the Central Committee meeting on Tuesday to analyze the election results.

“The PS knows the positions and proposals of the CDU, we still do not know the contents and perspectives of the PS, I will not advance [antes da reunião desta tarde]He added, questioned about the meeting scheduled with the socialists for this Wednesday at 4 pm.

Similar to what he had said on election night, the communist leader considered the CDU's election results to be a “negative result for the country” and reiterated the communists' claims, including raising the minimum wage to 850 euros, increased pensions and investment in the National Health Service.

The PCP lost five MPs in this year's parliamentary elections, winning 12 MPs with 6.46% of the vote – down from 8.27% in 2015. The Communists elected four MPs in Lisbon, three in Setúbal, two in Porto and one in Beja, Évora and Santarém.

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