The rules of gold to have the best sardines on the grill – Tips

The rules of gold to have the best sardines on the grill - Tips

– To buy the sardine, prefer fresh to frozen. Avoid very large sardines. The scale must be firm, the red gill, smooth skin, clear eyes. The fish, when we fold it slightly, must be stiff.

– The sardine must be about 20 minutes before going to the embers. Usually just a little salt coarse directly on the gill

– A grill where the sardines will be placed should be as clean as possible. If it is new, it is best to "burn it" in the coal flame for a few minutes.

– Choose one coal of good quality. It will be key to good coals. These should be hot on the spot. That is, not too much to avoid burning the fish and eliminate the fatty oils contained in the skin, considered as good for health.

– Coal should burn 30 minutes before receiving the first sardines.

– On the other hand, the grill over the coals must be very hot at the moment of receiving the fish, to avoid catching the sardines.

Never add any kind of oil to the fish before baking. Do not pour oil on the grill.

The sardine bakes little time. Avoid leaving the fish too dry. Just bake five minutes each side. Always follow the roasting, avoiding flames on the embers (the oil that drips from the sardine can stir the fire). If this happens move the grill away from the charcoal until the flame falls.

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