"The Secret Life of Our Critters 2": win invitations to the previews – Hobbies

"The Secret Life of Our Critters 2": win invitations to the previews - Hobbies

"The Secret Life of Our Bugs 2" is the anticipated sequel to the blockbuster of 2016, which got the best opening ever of an original movie, animated or not.

Filled with irreverence and subversive humor, this new chapter explores the emotional lives of our pets, the strong bond between them and the families that love them, and answers the question that has long intrigued all pet owners: what they do really our pets when we're not home?

Max (voice of João Manzarra) is dealing with some important changes in life. The owner (Sara Callisto) is now married and has a baby, Liam. Max is so worried about protecting the child who develops a nervous tic. During the family trip to a farm, Max and the racoon Duke (Eduardo Madeira) find cows intolerant to dogs, hostile foxes and a terrifying turkey, which only serves to increase Max's anxiety. Fortunately, he receives guidance from the veteran dog. fifth, Rooster (João Lagarto), that helps Max to abandon the neuroses, to find its inner alpha and to give Liam a little more freedom.

Meanwhile, while the owner is away, Gidget (Cleia Almeida) tries to rescue Max's favorite toy from an apartment full of cats, with a little help from his feline friend, Chloe (Mariana Monteiro), who discovered the joys of weedgrass.

And the crazy-but-cute rabbit Pompom (Rui Unas) creates illusions of greatness by thinking that he is a true superhero after the owner, Molly, starts dressing him up in superhero pajamas. But when fearless Daisy (Mariama Barbosa) appears to ask for Pompom's help on a dangerous mission, he will have to gain the courage to become the hero he just pretends to be.

Will Max, Pompom, Gidget and the rest of the group find the inner courage to face their greatest fears?



NOS Audiovisuais and SAPO Mag have to offer:

* 10 double invitations for the preview of the double version at Cinemas NOS Colombo (Lisbon), on June 1, at 11:00 AM;

* 10 double invitations for the preview of the double version in the Cinemas NOS MarShopping (Leça da Palmeira), on June 1st, at 11:00 am.

Just answer one question.


The contest ends at 11:00 AM on May 31st. The results are announced until 4:57 pm.

The form asks for a full name. Incomplete entries may not be considered.

Only one valid response per email address and per competitor is accepted, so it is no use responding to the form more than once.

Winners must present themselves with their CC or other identification document (no photocopies will be accepted) at the ticket office, about 30 minutes before the event starts, to pick up their invitations. Invitations will not be given upon presentation of the winner's personal identification by other persons, nor copies of said documents.

Participation in the hobbies of previews presupposes the availability to attend the sessions, reason why, except in cases of force majeure that must be communicated in a timely manner through the email [email protected] (identified by name and pastime, including the city), we count on the presence of all the winners. No change of winners will be accepted, and in case of no possibility of appearance, a new winner will be drawn.

Only compete if you are sure you can be present.

We reserve the right to exclude from future competitions all those who do not do so.

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