The Somersby Out Jazz is back. More music, more animation and more gardens – Actuality

The Somersby Out Jazz is back. More music, more animation and more gardens - Actuality

Check the agenda: On May 5, the Somersby Out Jazz returns to Lisbon to provide unforgettable evenings with the best of jazz, soul, funk and hip-hop.

Among dances, laughter, lively and relaxed Sunday ends are expected in some of the most beautiful gardens of the capital.

For the 13th edition of the festival, bands and national and international DJs such as Jéssica Pina, Lucky, Nuno di Rosso, Samuel Lercher Trio, Gatu Preto, Desidério Lázaro "Homegrown", Tighten Up Lisboa DJs and many others who promise to fill Lisbon with a rhythm , life and good vibe.

The Belém Tower Garden will be the first stage to receive the 2019 edition, followed by Jardim do Campo Grande in June, Jardim da Estrela in July, and Ribeira das Naus in August. In September, the Somersby Out Jazz invites visitors to enjoy the last sunbathing in good company, already in the Park of Bela Vista.

"Lisbon is strong in cultural terms and still has a lot to offer. There are many green spaces scattered throughout the city with great potential, which have the capacity to receive an event of this size and that only benefit in being more dynamic. The aim of the Somersby Out Jazz is precisely to provide a diversified musical experience for Portuguese and foreigners, while promoting the gardens in which it is held and encourages its (re) visitation ", says José Filipe Rebelo Pinto, founder of Somersby Out Jazz .

Conscious of the importance of preserving the environment, the festival joins the Claro Movement to promote the adoption of more sustainable behaviors. Through the total elimination of straw, #Outjazzsnebs, and the use of reusable cups that can be purchased over the five months for the symbolic value of € 1, the Somersby Out Jazz significantly reduces the use of plastic and, consequently, its environmental impact.

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