«The Stolen Book» returns to the streets of Castro Marim

«The Stolen Book» returns to the streets of Castro Marim

The Castro Marim City Hall will mark the World Book Day, which is celebrated on April 23, with the relaunch of the “O Livro Roubado” initiative, which was born in 2017 to promote reading and bringing the public closer to the municipal library.

Thus, and taking advantage of the motto of lack of definition, the books once again take to the streets in the small replicas of the majestic building of the Castro Marim municipal library, distributed over the main points of the municipality.

“New stories and new meanings, the idea is that interested parties can take a book, without a scheduled return date, but leave another in place, with a dedication for anyone who is going to“ steal ”it, seeking to boost communication and relationships between the community and between the community and the books ”, emphasizes the autarchy.

In parallel with the «Bibliomóvel», which has taken books and music from the library's documentary background to those who live more isolated, this initiative also aims to win new readers and reverse its usual functioning of the library, from the outside to the inside.

You can consult the documentary fund in the catalog and follow the news on the Facebook page of the municipal library.


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