The University of Évora is recruiting participants to eat cheese and has prizes to offer – News

The University of Évora is recruiting participants to eat cheese and has prizes to offer - News

Researchers at the University of Évora want to realize what emotions people associate with different types of cheese and how these relate to taste, smell and texture influencing preferences. In this context, the study, which takes place from 10 to 19 December, invites interested parties to participate. And there are prizes.

What emotions are there in a cheese? The question is the starting point for the study conducted by researchers from the University of Évora, Alentejo, under the Sabor Sur project (Interreg V). The study, which runs from 10 to 19 December, invites all interested parties to try different types of cheese, to identify their sensorial characteristics and the emotions they arouse. Who to attend[registrations[inscriçõeson here]is enabled for the draw of a coffee machine, a package of gastronomic experiences, a powerbank or giveaways.

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The participants in the study will have to sample different cheese samples, classifying their sensory characteristics (eg sweet, salty, bitter) and the emotions that each cheese arouses to them (such as joy, disgust, surprise).

Those who do not like cheese can participate, even if they do not taste the samples. In addition, those involved in the study will be asked to answer some questions about their usual way of being and acting and about their eating habits.

Those interested can choose between several sessions that will be held in two poles of the University of Évora, Colégio Luis António Verney and Polo Mitra.

The group responsible for the study is made up of researchers from different scientific areas and aims to study the determinants of food choices and preferences, crossing biological, sensorial, psychological and social perspectives.

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The cheese, present in the human diet since there is a historical record, currently has more than 1800 varieties worldwide. Able to take on different shapes, colors, flavors and textures, cheese is a product that can share opinions, but it is difficult to remain indifferent.

By its versatility, it is able to adapt to the most different contexts and, therefore, also able to evoke very different emotions.

These characteristics justified their choice as the protagonist of the study.

As Elsa Lamy, project coordinator, says, "Food choices depend on a number of factors. People may prefer certain sensory aspects in terms of taste, smell or texture of foods, but the choices do not depend only on the characteristics of the foods, but also on the characteristics of the people themselves. That is why we are beginning to study, not only the individual differences, in terms of sensory perception, but also in terms of emotions or personality. "

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