There are almost 34,000 new companies in Portugal since the beginning of the year – Jornal Económico

Up to August 31, 2019, 33,968 new companies were created in Portugal, 3,348 (9,8% more) than in the same period of 2018, the year in which the company constitution record was broken, reveals the company's barometer. D&B. Only in four districts such as Setúbal, Braga, Aveiro and Faro saw birth this year 8,637 new companies

According to this barometer, all districts gain new companies compared to 2018, but Setúbal, Braga, Aveiro and Faro “confirm great entrepreneurial dynamism”. Taken together, these four districts saw the birth of 8,637 new businesses this year, representing a third of total growth, taking some of the leading role in the Lisbon and Oporto districts, which nonetheless maintain the lead in new businesses.

Construction and transport with 80% of new companies

The transport and construction sectors are mainly responsible for the growth of new company formation until August 31, 2019, representing almost 80% of this growth, in a total of 5303 new companies.

In transport, more than double the number of enterprises (115%) more than in the same period last year, out of a total of 1,495 new companies. A rise, according to D&B, is fully supported by the 'occasional passenger car' sub-sector, especially in the districts. from Lisbon, Porto and Faro.

In construction, according to this barometer, 3,808 companies (29.7% more) were born, a growth across all sub-sectors and districts, although with some protagonism in Porto, Lisbon and Setúbal.

According to the D&B barometer, in housing and catering, 3,642 new companies were born.

Real estate activities with fewer companies in Lisbon

According to the D&B barometer, real estate activities, one of the sectors that led to a great wave of entrepreneurship in recent years, registered the biggest drop in new companies compared to the same period of the previous year, with 179 companies (5.7% less) created in 2019. and with the Lisbon district contributing fully to this fall.

8.8% less closures

D&B also reports that by the end of August, there were 9,571 company closures, an 8.8% decrease over the same period last year and across almost all districts. “The Industry, Wholesale, Construction and Retail sectors are responsible for the total decrease in closures,” explains the barometer.

D&B also points out that 1,463 companies started insolvency proceedings this year, 10% less than in the same period last year, noting that “this decline is across all sectors with the exception of Industries, Transport and Agriculture and other natural resources, the only more insolvent than in the previous year ”.

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