There are new apps and games to "cheer" smartphones – Apps

There are new apps and games to "cheer" smartphones - Apps

This week the TEK team has put together a lot of games to install on the smartphone, ideal for the hot weather that invites you to a beach or country trip, but also the inevitable shopping centers. And there is something for everyone: strategy, puzzles and football, but also something special: a kind of "shooting" in which the boss plays a special role.

Most apps are free, as you can see below.

Photographs is a puzzles app with a story to tell. And it's a sad story.

The application uses the puzzles to tell a story that is always different depending on the choices made.

Users begin by following the path of an old alchemist and his sick granddaughter, but as they unfold the five chapters they discover new paths, characters and alternate endings.

The app was designed by Luca Redwood who had already created the game 10000000 and the You Must Build a Boat adventure with a more complex gameplay. At Photographs the goal is to tell a story through puzzles, and the mission seems to have been successful.

Each of the five chapters has a different thing to tell. They are all relatively small and can be completed in about 3 minutes, but although different they have an obvious trace of trésteza.

It is by completing the puzzles that the story is being assembled, and the way it slides plays interferes with the evolution of each character narrated by a voice that accompanies the narrative.

The app is available for iOS and Steam, and still in the Android version. The cost is 4.29 euros.

Translate with context is with the Reverso app

The Reverso has been around for some time and successfully. If you do not know, enjoy it.

The Reverso Context enables rapid and accurate translation of words, but above all, its great added value is context-related translation – as its name implies.

Thus, every research done is presented results of translations with examples of use that are based on documents previously translated by experts, taken from web pages, official texts, newspapers or descriptions of products or even dialogues of films, among others.

You can write the word or words that you want to translate, as well as "say" or simply copy paste from any webpage you are consulting.

The detailed view gives you even more translations, suggestions and other information.

Reverso Context translates into more than 10 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic or Dutch – as well as Portuguese.

It's free and available for both Android and iOS devices.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is now available for mobile devices

The mobile version of the game, available for both Android and iOS, includes twelve new leagues, including Portuguese.

PES 2019 Pro Evolution Soccer, the latest version of Konami's famous soccer simulator, is now available for mobile devices. Unlike other mobile football games, this time it is possible to control all the players of the team, as if playing in a console or computer.

The gameplay is adapted to touchscreen devices. You can choose between two modes: the classic, with virtual buttons, and a more modern one. You can participate in leagues, tournaments, friendly matches or challenge challenges online. Through Bluetooth, you can also play against a friend.

The game includes the official licenses of 12 new leagues around the world, including the Portuguese. Also added in this version are the leagues of Russia, Belgium, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, Argentina, Chile, Japan, China and Thailand.

PES 2019 also includes new players such as David Beckham, Zico, Romario, Johan Cruyff, Pavel Nedved, Ruud Gullit, Paolo Maldini and Oliver Kahn, who join names like Francesco Totti and Ronaldinho Gaucho.

The game is available for free for both Android and iOS.

Will rain? Spotify launches new app that organizes music by theme stations

It's a kind of digital radio that suggests playlists that fit the user's preferences.

Spotify has released a new music app. The application debuted in the US, but the company stresses that this is an experiment, "at least for now."

"At Spotify, we're always conducting a series of experiments that allow us to create better listening experiences for users," he said in a conversation with Engadget, a technology spokeswoman. "Some of these tests will eventually point us to a broader experience, but others will only 'teach' us. Spotify Stations is one of them."

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As with Pandora, the app starts playing music instantly when it's opened. Here it is impossible to search by artist or music. After all, it is in the logic of channels that the system is based on its value proposition. Therefore, you must choose the playlist you want to listen to.

Note that you do not need to have Spotify installed to use this new app even though you need a Spotify account. Base users can not run ads and have a limited number of skips.

Stations promises to heal playlists with music that it considers appropriate to the tastes of the user and, for that, has access to the auditory register of the user in Spotify. However, there will be more comprehensive lists for listeners who like Metal and for those who prefer Jazz.

Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest Challenges to Build Strongholds and Armies

Another adaptation of Games Workshop's board game, based on the fantasy universe, comes to smartphones.

The new game inspired by the classic fantasy universe Warhammer is available on smartphones and challenges players to build a powerful army in an online multiplayer strategy title. The goal is to gather the most powerful soldiers and attack the strongholds of enemies while defending yours.

To command the army, players will have at their disposal a Champion, a powerful character who can improve their skills. To defend against enemies, you need to expand the base, building walls around the fortress, watchtowers, cannons, among other buildings to gain access to different units, including training centers, dungeons, or sorcerer temples.

To conquer the enemy strongholds it will be possible to make alliances with other players, and make sieges, sending all units to the place, including beasts, warriors and sorcerers.

You can download free Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest on iOS and Android versions.

Stick to the paper basket (and use the boss as a "table")

The Paper Toss game has been around for some time now, and by the way, it has won the Boss version, where the boss is the reference point. But there are co-workers who can also "help".

The goal is simple: to hit the target, but there are several aspects to take into account.

In this game to pass the time there are over a dozen unique items to launch, starting with the classic paper ball in the basket, of course. This happens in 10 dynamic environments of different levels of difficulty.

At each launch, it is necessary to take into account some conditioning factors, such as the "wind" caused by the fan. That's why you have to put your brain to work and do "calculations", and it is possible, and sometimes advisable, to use your colleagues (and the boss) as tables to hit the target.

Paper Toss Boss is free with in-app purchases and is available from the Play Store and the App Store.

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