"There is a goal for me that is of paramount importance …"

"There is a goal for me that is of paramount importance ..."

Francisco Amaral, Mayor of Castro Marim, did exclusively to the diariOnline South Region newspaper, a state of the art on the impact of the pandemic in your county, as well as revealed how the future, in its perspective, presents itself.

The mayor began by stating that “We must regret the many cases that occurred, some very symptomatic, in fact we became the most problematic municipality in the Algarve, it was at the time when the country was the worst in the world, I remember this well, in fact, it was exactly that situation that led us to try to help health services, namely in epidemiological surveys, availability that was not accepted, so as I had to do something, in fact we decided to move towards mass testing, we were pioneers in the country… ”

Asked what he was forced to change in the guideline due to the pandemic, the Castro Marinense official revealed that “We were basically able to reconcile what we were doing and simultaneously attack the harmful effects of this pandemic, for example, we launched vouchers with which people can buy food in local supermarkets…”, adding that the works in the municipality continued to be carried out.

The future looks bright

Regarding the finances of the Municipality, Francisco Amaral said that the future looks brighter and explains why, as well as explaining the benefits that the municipality will have in view of the project that the Chamber recently approved.

Regarding being a candidate for a new mandate, the confirmation was given by the speaker himself, stating that “There is an objective for me that is of paramount importance that has to do with social housing, to which to build a lot of social housing, this will also be one of the workhorse of this new mandate. I am a candidate for the Castro Marim Chamber and I am convinced that I have the support of the population, the majority of the population and that I will continue to stay here for four more years. ”


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