“There is a possibility to meet tomorrow,” says SNMMP president – O Jornal Económico

There is a possibility that the National Union of Hazardous Drivers will meet this Friday with Antram even though these are bi-broken meetings, said Francisco São Bento, president of SNMMP to the press.

This union leader addressed reporters on Thursday stressing that there is a possibility of a meeting at DGERT, although the first approaches are not directly between SNMMP and Antram.

Moreover, Francisco São Bento even mentioned the possibility of SNMMP being able to move forward during these negotiations.

The government will appoint a mediator and contact Antram as early as Friday to moderate the conflict between Antram and the National Union of Hazardous Drivers, according to information provided by Miguel Cabrita, Secretary of State for Employment.

He stressed that this mediation instrument is provided for in the Labor Code but that the Executive had already proposed this mediation within three days of the strike beginning. “We will fulfill our role of bringing the parties together”, guaranteed the Government but Miguel Cabrita stressed that “in the context of strike, it is difficult to negotiate”.

"These requests are more valid when there are conditions for dialogue and not when there are conflict situations such as the ongoing strike," said the Secretary of State for Employment.

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