There is no agreement in education but teachers have increased by 19% – The Economic Journal

Teachers' fight follows "in the courts" and in strike to the evaluations, promises Mário Nogueira - The Economic Newspaper

The Government and teachers did not agree on the progress of teachers' careers after the meetings with the union structures that took place this Tuesday, December 18. In a statement, the Ministry of Finance reported that the negotiation process, but ensured a remuneration valuation of 19% for these civil servants.

The Executive says that it will not fail to recognize the recovery of teaching time and, therefore, advances the solution presented in a decree-law (subject to approval by the Council of Ministers) so that all teachers recover two years, nine months and 18 days, "assuring the equivalent of 70% of a progression".

"With this proposal, it is ensured that between 2019 and 2023 the teaching career will be one that will have the highest remuneration in the entire public administration, with an average cumulative increase of 19% and a total cost in that period of about 750 million euros, "Mário Centeno's office said in the same note.

According to the Ministry of Finance, teachers' unions maintained a "stance of intransigence" and "did not submit any proposal to bring the positions closer to the parties". "On the contrary, they remained inflexible in the recovery of the nine years, four months and two days, although this solution was expressly rejected in the vote in the specialty of the State Budget of 2019", criticizes the Executive.

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